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Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Parish Council Meetings

Agendas are usually published the Wednesday before a meeting, both here and on the village noticeboard.


They are then replaced by the minutes of the meeting which are available to read between one to two weeks after a council meeting. Minutes are initially published in draft form before being approved at the next council meeting.

Copies of older minutes are available from the Clerk upon request.

Annual Parish Meetings

A Parish Meeting consists of the Local Government electors of the parish and the purpose of the meeting is to discuss parish affairs. There is no statutory definition or definitive caselaw to determine what constitutes a 'parish affair'. It is the view that a 'parish affair' includes an issue, activity or subject which specifically affects a parish and which a parish meeting may wish to discuss, debate and potentially influence. 


An assembly of a parish meeting is an effective forum for local government electors in a parish to discuss matters specific to the parish even if there is a separate parish council. The meeting is NOT however a parish council meeting but attendance of members of the council may demonstrate that the council is receptive to hearing the views of the local residents.


8th January. Agenda / Correspondence and Communications (item 8) / Budget 2024-25 / Calendar meeting dates for 2024 / Draft Minutes


9th October. Agenda / Minutes

11th July. Agenda / Minutes

13th June.  AgendaMinutes

15th May.  Annual Parish Council Meeting.  Agenda | Minutes

17th April Parish Council meeting Agenda / Minutes 

17th April 2023 ANNUAL PARISH MEETING at 7pm.  Minutes HERE

9th January 2023 - Agenda / Minutes


7 November Parish Council Meeting Agenda / Minutes

August Parish Council Meeting Agenda / Minutes


March​ Parish Council Meeting Agenda / Minutes

January​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes / AGENDA



November​​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes

September​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes

July​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes

May​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes

March​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes

January​ Parish Council Meeting Minutes


2020 Annual Parish Meeting - Cancelled


2019 Annual Parish Meeting DRAFT Minutes


2018 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

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