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Parish Information


Notices and other information is displayed on the notice boards on the Village Green, Village Hall and near the Church.  There is also a table within the Church holding booklets and other information.  The Church is open 10am - 4pm daily

Volunteer litter pickers are being recruited to work to keep the village, and particularly River Green, clear of litter this Summer.
If you have some time to spare and would like to be involved please could you contact Simon Addington - 01603 866232.

Local Election Results:  There will be no poll for Parish Councillors, but there will be for District representatives.

Notice of Uncontested Election 4th May 2023

Broadland District Council Election of District Councillors 4th May 2023

Common Land Structures

Structures that have been erected on any Common Land within the parish will be removed by the Parish Council.  

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